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Indoswisspower has numerous trained and competent engineers and dedicated staff for helping the customers in choosing the best possible motor engine. We work at the cutting-edge of development and innovation to take items from a thought right to the end shopper. Indoswisspower is the authorized dealer, supplier, and distributor of famous electric motor engine makers like Siemens, CG Power (Crompton Greaves), and so forth. All our clients rely upon us for Reliability, Integrity, Technical and Commercial Capabilities, and brief help when required.

Being the main firm in this endeavor, we are profoundly occupied with introducing the first-rate scope of Crompton Greaves Electric Motor for our significant customers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We utilize amazingly great material and prominent master data for giving this fascinating and stylish item. Exclusively planned and advanced these stocks are broadly requested by utilizing clients because of generally used in assorted business areas, accessible in different specs and plans.


Indoswisspower has become well-known in the rundown of top suppliers, dealers, and distributors of Electric Motors and Engines in India. The supplier organization is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is one of the main vendors of documented items.

We are a driving specialist organization of Motors, cables, and wires in India. We are one of India's confirmed and confided in the name for recorded administrations. With their broad involvement with the field of Motor Coupling, Indoswisspower has made a presumed name for themselves in the market with acceptable Single-Phase Motor, Roto intention engine, AC and DC Brake engine and so on. Concentrating on a client-driven procedure, Indoswisspower indulges a massive buyer base all over the nation.

We are a magnificent organization in Chennai in the field of CG Electric engine sellers. With High-level wellbeing, cost-viability, and unwavering quality, our CG Electric engine vendors have won the hearts of numerous customers. Today, we have become a key Service Provider with steady outcome bond arrangements.

Item Description – CG MOTORS

CG is a driving producer of electric motor engines, with motor explanations, which benefits a wide scope of clients. Our items are utilized in pretty much every modern application including general assembling, petrochemicals, food handling, drugs where they drive fans, siphons, blowers, transports, lifts, and cranes.


CG offers a wide scope of high and low voltage engines (pivoting machines). The reach incorporates protected and dangerous region engines, energy proficient engines just as engines for unique applications like brake engine, re-moving factory, concrete plant, oil-well siphon, and so on. Our reach likewise incorporates DC Motors and Traction engines. Our engines are accessible in different principles and tweaked designs to react to the demanding requests of the business.

Categories of CG Motors

  • High Voltage Motors
  • Low Voltage Motors
  • Energy Efficient Motors
  • Motors for Hazardous Areas (HV)
  • Motors for Hazardous Areas (LV)
  • DC Motors
  • Special Application Motors


  • Highly effective at the low running expense
  • Low trembling and sound
  • The High force with smooth increasing speed
  • Performance necessities notwithstanding effectiveness
  • Separate force
  • Independent current
  • Full load rapidity
  • Full load current
  • Frame size assignment

Approved Dealers for Crompton Greaves Electric Motors

Indoswisspower is an exceptionally perceived association of the business engaged with Distributing and Trading a wide arrangement of best quality Electric Motors. We additionally give Rewinding Service. In our exemplary exhibit of items, we are offering Siemens Motors and Crompton Greaves Motors. Our provided items are made-up by taking just ideal quality parts at a supercurrent handling unit at our seller end. These items are intensely requested by the clients for their best quality, sturdiness, and superior. These offered items are utilized in different electronic fields.

Indoswisspower was begun to help ranchers and little designing workshops in and around India. These early actions prompted significant business propels when our meticulous endeavors and responsibility to the client intrigued Crompton (CG Power) so much that Indoswisspower was designated as CG Motors dealer, supplier, and distributor in Chennai and all over India.

The client rundown of Indoswisspower is a real agent microcosm of the Indian Corporate and Government Sectors. Indoswisspower connects incredible significance to offering convenient support to its clients. We have all around experienced and qualified designers and a specialized workforce for helping the customers in choosing the best possible motor engine.

Indoswisspower is India's rundown of checked vendors offering the preeminent nature of CG Motors as a provider, seller, and wholesalers. Purchase Electric Motors and Engines, Electric Motors and Engines in wholesale from us for the best quality items and administration.

We desire to assist our customers in the greatest conceivable way with buyer fulfillment being our main objective. Our quality-driven strategy and solid circulation system have magnificently affected the cores of our respected customers.

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