grounding and lightning protection system

Grounding (or earthing) alludes to the arrangement of a low-obstruction conduction way from focusing on the PV power framework to the earth ground, and can be isolated into two viewpoints:

  • Grounding gear housings (e.g., the PV exhibit edges and backing structure)
  • Grounding the electrical circuits
Grounding can diminish the consequences of destruction from lightning-incited floods, may lessen the risks to individuals, fix the most extreme framework voltages comparative with the earth ground, and work on radio or TV gathering
Complete insurance from lightning can't be ensured, and the degree (and the expense) of specialized lightning-security measures ought to rely upon the idea of the establishment. In all cases, the essential concern ought to be individuals' security. The establishment of a total lightning guide framework is a long way from being satisfactory in SHSs for monetary reasons. For instance, under the Bolivian High Plateau conditions, where lightning storms are successive, the yearly misfortunes of PV modules and controllers because of lightning harm are around 0.2%, while the expense of a lightning guide framework would address an increment of something like 35% in the expenses of an SHS.
What is the contrast in the middle of grounding and lightning shield?
Thus, the earthing persistently carries out its role during the activity of the power framework, while the lightning shield works just for the term of the overvoltage, and the grounding only for the length of insulation failure.
What is the utilization of lightning protection and grounding framework?
A lightning protection framework incorporates an organization of air terminals, holding guides, and ground cathodes intended to give a low impedance way to the ground for likely strikes. Lightning protection frameworks are utilized to forestall lightning strike harm to structures.
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