Raychem Dealers

 Raychem dealers ,distributors for  wide array of Power Cables accessories and Electrical Safety merchandise like Jointing Kit, Cable Jointing Kits (up to 220 KV), Joints, Termination Kits( up to 220 KV) ,EHV Termination kits ,MV Termination kits, Termination kits, HV Termination kits ,  Surge Arresters, inside and out of indoor Surge Arresters,outdoor surge arrestors, Electrical Safety Equipments like Medium Voltage Line cover, removal Tool, Polypro Tool, Overhead Lines Tools, Insulation improvement System , MVCC , Medium Voltage Conductor Covers for Outage interference, MVFT ,Medium Voltage Fusion Tape, LVBT, Low voltage bus Insulation Tape, LVIT, Low voltage bus insulation tube, Heat shrinkable Boots,piercing connectors,busbar insulation tubes,heat shrink tubes,heat shrinkable outer protection insulating tubes,high voltage busbar insulating heat shrinkable tape,non heat shrinkable tubes,non heat shrink tapes,creepage extenders,high voltage creepage extenders,low voltage creepage extenders,medium voltage line covers, right angle heat shrink boots, 11kv/22kv/33kv right angle heat shrink boots, right angle cold applied boots, 11kv  (E) right angle cold applied boots, 11kv  (UE) right angle cold applied boots,link box for HV/EHV network,Mechanical connectors,lugs, crimping connectors,cable repair kit,cable end caps,power line protector,tappat mini pillar,mk3 link box, trafo-connect,accessories for lv aerial bundled cables,abc cable accessories,elastomeric end caps, pre insulated connectors for aerial bundled cables,pre-insulated jointing sleeves, jointing sleeves for insulated messengers, jointing sleeves for bare messengers, pre insulated bi-metallic lugs, service anchoring clip, distribution boxes,overehead cable connectors,mini wedge connectors,ampact paddle connectors,bottle palm connectors ETC.....


Indoswisspower is professed as one of the most dependable suppliers, dealers, and distributors of electrical items in India. We are an approved station accomplice for driving brands like Siemens, Polycab, 3M, Crompton, Thermo cables, KEI, and Raychem.

We are enthusiastic about giving steadfast electrical items to basic mechanical necessities. We Provide an extensive choice of electrical items going from cables, wires, Jointing packs, Termination Kits, Motors, and so forth. Indoswisspower has become the favored channel accomplice for major electrical brands in the nation.




Indoswisspower is an authorized dealer and distributor for the best cable Brand RAYCHEM. Raychem cables discover numerous trades, business, and housing applications. Raychem is a designer of automatic advances. They lead the world market by consistent innovative work in automatic, power restricting, mineral endangered, skin impact, steady wattage, and arrangement obstruction warming links. We are the Dealer and Distributor of Raychem in Chennai and all over India.

With the support of our skillful and experienced specialists, we are occupied with offering an exemplary scope of Raychem products. Offered Raychem products are produced by utilizing ideal evaluation material and driving hardware in association with the set modern standards at the seller’s end. By customers' complete longings, we offer these products in different made-to-order possibilities.


  • Robustness
  • Accurately project
  • Top texture

Indoswisspower is involved with exchanging an extraordinarily strong scope of Cable Joint. Because of highlights like high strength, solidness, and simple establishment, these items are intensely applauded on the lookout. With our mastery in this control, we have had the option to deliver the top-tier Raychem Joint Kits. To oblige the unique requests of the customers, we offer these items in various sizes and determinations. Alongside this, the offered ranges are suitably prepared to numerous boundaries.

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