Medium Voltage Line Cover - MVLC

The MVLC (Medium Voltage Line Cover) defensive profile is a protection cover those fits on transporter links and offers assurance against power disasters. Through the establishment of the MVLC, it is feasible to stay away from power disasters because of momentary flashovers brought about by birds, creatures, and trees. It empowers the review protection of the conductor to ground, or it tends to be utilized as a defensive profile during development work and redesigns.
By furthermore utilizing the OLIC defensive profile, the MVLC can likewise be utilized for the basic protection of link holders. The MVLC is made from creepage-safe cross-connected polymer with high dielectric strength. Fitting is not complicated and doesn't need a shrink burner or some other instruments. The MVLC is consequently impeccably appropriate for retrofit applications.


Raychem Medium Voltage Line Cover is helpful, dependable security for exposed conductors.
Blackout counteraction
The MVLC gives condition of-workmanship protection to assist with forestalling electrical blackouts brought about by trees or untamed life experiencing appropriation lines.
The MVLC cover is intended to protect existing exposed lines without exorbitant conductor substitution uses or extra line equipment.
Live, Reliable installation
The MVLC hand apparatus considers speedy establishment or short lengths of conductors, particularly in substations.
Extensive use range
Triplet proportions cover conductors from 16 to 800 mm2
Better execution item accessible
A mastic predetermined performance of the piece is accessible for 25 kV or improved performance at 15kV.
High voltage material
The MVLC material is UV steady just as following and disintegration safe. The MVLC cover is electronically cross connected to make an amazingly strong protection framework, guaranteeing numerous long periods of dependable activity in the most brutal conditions.
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