Homac transformer

Homac transformer connectors.

Homac is a finished line of Underground and Substation connectors and is perceived as an industry chief for its Flood-Seal innovations and custom arrangements. Homac Underground Connectors: Homac is prepared with top-notch item designs to meet your requirements for transformers, hand openings, or potential platform applications. Homac Substation Connectors: With weldment and shot items up to 500kV, Homac's wide item offering incorporates a full line of couplers, taps, transport supports, terminals, and development connectors. Homac, one of the forerunners in underground dissemination connector frameworks for almost 50 years and offers a broad product offering for the utility business.

Benefits and News

Quality - World-class item designs meet your transformer, hand opening, and platform application needs. Examined - 100 percent of the Flood-Seal transport connectors are exposed to a dielectric test at 4000 volts for 60 seconds to guarantee protection and respectability. Custom Solutions - Homac item specialists are prepared to work straightforwardly with you on a case-by-case basis to foster tweaked answers to meet your necessities. Homac Transformer Connectors Contains

  1. Fast Cut-off
  2. Double Rated
  3. Extensive Cable Varies
  4. Apparent Slide-On PVC Lining Cover
  5. Guidelines Compliant
Homac Transformer Connectors Advantages/Explanations

  1. Connectors are not difficult to introduce or eliminate
  2. Acknowledge aluminum or copper channels
  3. Give associations with links going from #6 to 500 kcmil
  4. EZC Series cover empowers safe and efficient establishments and separates.
  5. Meets or surpasses ANSI C119.4 details and is RUS acknowledged

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