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T-shaped separable Connectors

Indoswisspower Medium voltage (MV) cable connecting systems and accessories are crucial components in electrical power distribution networks. These systems typically operate in the voltage range of 1 kV to 36 kV and are essential for the reliable and efficient transmission of electricity from substations to industrial, commercial, and residential consumers.


Cable Types and Construction:

MV cables come in various constructions, such as single-core and multi-core cables. They are typically made of copper or aluminum conductors, which are chosen for their excellent conductivity and mechanical properties. The conductors are insulated with materials like cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), which provide high dielectric strength and thermal resistance. The insulation is often surrounded by a metallic shield and a protective outer jacket to guard against mechanical damage and environmental factors.


Connecting Systems:

MV cable connecting systems include joints and terminations. Cable joints connect two lengths of cable together, while terminations connect the cable to equipment such as transformers, switchgear, or overhead lines. These connecting systems must maintain electrical integrity, mechanical strength, and environmental sealing.


Cable Joints:

Cable joints are classified into several types, such as straight-through joints and branch joints. Straight-through joints are used to extend cable length, whereas branch joints create a branching point from the main cable. These joints can be made using heat-shrink, cold-shrink, or pre-molded technologies. Heat-shrink joints require a heat source to shrink the material around the cables, while cold-shrink joints use pre-stretched sleeves that contract once the supporting core is removed.



MV cable terminations can be indoor or outdoor and are designed to provide a transition from the shielded cable to an unshielded connection point. Indoor terminations are typically used in switchgear, while outdoor terminations are used on overhead lines and transformers. Both types must ensure stress control to manage the electric field distribution and prevent insulation failure.



Accessories for MV cables include connectors, lugs, glands, and stress control tubes. Connectors and lugs facilitate secure electrical connections, glands provide mechanical sealing and strain relief at entry points, and stress control tubes manage the electric field at the termination points to prevent breakdowns.
Overall, the design, installation, and maintenance of MV cable connecting systems and accessories are critical for ensuring the longevity and reliability of power distribution networks. Advanced materials and technologies continue to enhance the performance and safety of these essential components.

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