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A Transformer is an indispensable part of a dispersion framework. It should convey Reliable Power in a safe and effective way. In any case, 8% of the transformers introduced overall flop because of ill-advised connector frameworks.
A customary connector framework utilized for LV Cable links conveys creasing and fixing of the bolts. Over a period, it prompts a free electrical contact which causes sparkles and problem areas. The contact opposition is high which adds to the misfortunes of weak utilities. The heaviness of the connector causes mechanical stresses on the bushing of the transformer, prompting oil spillages.
Raychem's Trafoconnect is designed to keep the contact obstruction low for the lifetime of a transformer and fundamentally builds its unwavering quality. Light in weight and easy to introduce by utilizing shear bolt innovation, it evades expertise and device subordinate creasing approach. Licensed 'Trafoconnect' is designed to keep contact obstruction low for the lifetime of transformers.

  • Low IR (specialized) misfortunes
  • No creasing
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent, protected & safe construction
  • Effortless establishment
  • No way of Ph, Ph-N, and Ph-E shortcomings
  • Unique Al composite Parts
  • Dual piece gliding pattern
  • Appropriate for aluminium and copper conveyors (conductors)
  • Tested according to IS 5561 and IEC 61238 Standards
  • Force controlled Shear-head bolts
  • Various cable link outgoings
  • Range taking and minimized
  • Completely protected
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