Utility transformer

For over 70 years, Connector Manufacturing Organization (CMC) has been committed to the designing, planning, and production of value items for the utility industry.
Ceaseless Development - Nonstop Advancement for the Utility Business For over 70 years, Connector Manufacturing Organization (CMC) has been committed to the constructing, developing, and assembling of value items for the utility business. CMC has a strong comprehension of industry difficulties and offers a wide scope of answers for the above and underground applications that:

  • Further develop dependability
  • Increment effectiveness
  • Decrease obtaining and functional expenses

Tap our insight and you'll profit from CMC's wide arriving at capacities, for example,
  1. Complete in-house designing and plan
  2. An affirmed "outsider" test office prepared to perform UL, ANSI, and CSA test necessities
  3. Customer help that reliably gives educated replies to our merchants and end-clients
Subsequently, CMC gives seriously valued connector, nook, and post-line equipment arrangements that limit establishment time while guaranteeing the most elevated level of value and security. CMC is additionally engaged with the standard advancement process with UL, CSA, ANSI, CANENA, NFPA, ESFI, and NEMA Boards of trustees — this is intended to guarantee that CMC's Items securely address the difficulties and necessities out in the field.
Quality Confirmation

To deliver subjective and perfect items, we perform different tests. This guarantees the great working of the items. A portion of the testing processes directed by us are:
  • Far-reaching configuration control
  • Discernible plan check and approval
  • Process approval
  • Risk investigation and the board
  • Use of worldwide principles
  • Documentation of records and change control frameworks
The Transformer Connector has top to bottom information in giving substation connectors and frills. Intended to communicate with all related items including circuit breakers, disconnectors, and voltage transformers and fixing closes, our connectors are great for new form and repair projects.
Indoswisspower has had the option to acquire a noteworthy situation in the business attributable to unequalled quality items. Reachable with us at reasonable costs, the offered items variety is profoundly acclaimed by our supporters.
We are the dependable and favoured decision of our supporters because of the accompanying reasons:
  • Ideal conveyances
  • Capacity to deal with mass requests
  • Wide circulation organization
  • Moral business arrangements
  • Cutting edge framework unit
  • Rich and dependable seller base for a natural substance

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